JCPS Buses Are Driving Dangerously

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October 14, 2017
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January 18, 2018
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JCPS Buses Are Driving Dangerously

JCPS Buses are driving dangerouslyRecently, our local news has reported multiple instances of JCPS buses operating dangerously.  School buses were clocked at excessive speeds on highways, main roads and neighborhood streets.

As a mother who has children attending JCPS, I am particularly concerned about he risk this poses to the children in our community.  As an attorney who’s successfully litigated against JCPS, large tractor trailer companies, and day care centers, I have been able to hold these companies accountable for harming our children.

WDRB and Wave3 reporters were able to prove JCPS buses are driving dangerously.  JCPS buses were clocked driving 25-30mph in a 5mph zone, and speeding on expressways (remember, the buses aren’t equipped with seat belts).  Buses were even caught speeding in school zones!  Once JCPS driver had already been involved in 8 traffic accidents.

JCPS has a record of failing to properly enforce its own regulations and policies designed to keep our children safe. As a result, JCPS children continue to be victims of bullying, inappropriate conduct from teachers and authority figures, and risk injury or even death because school bus drivers continue to ignore safety rules.

Reckless driving makes bus stops especially dangerous.  Children are injured, sometimes fatally, as they board or exit school buses.  Issues at bus stops include not only dangerous driving, but also whether JCPS put the bus stop itself in a dangerous location.

Like tractor trailers, school buses are much heavier than cars.  The force of a wreck is determined by a vehicle’s mass (weight) combined with its velocity (speed).  When tractor trailers or school buses hit another vehicle,  or hit a child, the sheer force creates catastrophic damages.  For every mile per hour a school bus is speeding, it takes much longer to stop the bus, and creates that much more force when that bus wrecks.

The speeding school bus driver is endangering the children, especially when you consider that most buses aren’t equipped with seat belts.  As for the other drivers on the road, the sheer mass and force of a school bus poses an overwhelming threat to safety and potentially someone’s life.

Our law firm has successfully litigated serious and catastrophic injuries involving large trucks.  We’ve seen the devastation caused by a heavy speeding truck when it crashes into smaller vehicle, and what damage tons of force does to the helpless occupants of those cars.

You may recall the news reports about the fatal day care van crash in Louisville.  This was the Heavenly Angels Day Care incident.  We handled that case on behalf of some of some of the children involved.

JCPS needs to get serious about training its bus drivers and holding itself accountable (and its bus drivers accountable) when they break the rules and endanger our children.

If your child is injured in an wreck involving a JCPS bus or truck operating dangerously, please contact an experienced Louisville truck accident attorney.  JCPS and big trucking corporations know how to avoid responsibility for their actions.  Your child needs an atoner with the passion and experience to hold them accountable.


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