Kentucky Hospital Negligence

Kentucky Hospital Negligence

Hospitals have many different procedures in place that are supposed to ensure that each patient receives the highest levels of care. In practice, however, hospitals try to save money whenever possible. When hospitals cut corners, it can cost lives or lead to irreparable injury. If you have reason to believe you or a loved one was injured due to medical malpractice in a hospital, it is critical to speak to an experienced lawyer immediately.

I am attorney Kirsten R. Daniel. For years, I have helped victims of hospital malpractice, nurse negligence and other types of negligence recover the compensation they dearly need. Hospital negligence can take many different forms, including:

  • Providing the wrong kind or wrong dosage of medication
  • Allowing patients to fall out of bed
  • Failing to accurately diagnose the patient
  • Errors in the emergency room (failure to diagnose, failure to properly triage)

A Former Malpractice Defense Lawyer On Your Side

Prior to fighting for the rights of the injured, I represented hospitals in malpractice claims. In this position I gained a great deal of experience and insight into how hospitals and insurance companies defend malpractice claims. I understand the complexity of these cases, and can anticipate and overcome the potential obstacles in your case. This insight is invaluable to my clients, and helps me prepare a strong case for damages.

Malpractice cases are very important to everyone, not just the person who has been harmed. A successful malpractice case can force hospitals and medical professionals to reevaluate their practices and take appropriate steps to minimize the possibility of future harm. In this way, everyone benefits.

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