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I am Kirsten R. Daniel. My background is unique, in that for the first part of my career, I defended hospitals and insurance companies in malpractice cases. In this position I gained an understanding of how these entities defend themselves against malpractice.

Believing I could do so much more to help people and my community, I started representing people across Kentucky and Indiana who have been harmed by another’s negligence. My strategic, insightful approach to each case gives my clients the best chance to recover full and fair compensation after a serious injury. As a mother, a wife and an attorney, I take great pride in helping my clients move forward with their lives. I believe that in every case, I have the chance to make our community a safer place to live.

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I accept all malpractice and injury accident claims on a no-recovery, no-fee basis.


Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are highly respected individuals. Every medical professional has a duty to care for his or her patients. When these professionals do not live up to these duties, people can sustain severe injuries or even death. Medical malpractice leads to many deaths and injuries each year. Even when malpractice seems obvious to you, it is important to understand these cases are very challenging. Your medical malpractice lawyer must have the trial experience, access to experts and medical knowledge necessary to build the strongest possible case.

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Kirsten is ranked within the top 20 of Medical Malpractice Law
attorneys according to a recent publication of Louisville

The magazine recently published the results of a survey of the
Louisville Bar Association. The survey asked members located in the
metro-area if they would recommend a local attorney to family. Two
categories were included: “large firms” and “small/medium” (all other)
firms. Each of the Lousville Bar Association members named two
attorneys in order of preference.

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Based in Louisville, I serve people across Kentucky and Indiana. I focus my law practice on medical malpractice and serious personal injury cases. The people I serve have been seriously harmed, either by a medical professional’s failure or by some other person’s negligence. My clients have significant needs, both now and in the future. Together, we face hospitals, insurance companies and other well-financed organizations that will go to great lengths to deny or minimize their liability.

As a Louisville, Kentucky, injury attorney, I have had the opportunity to try many cases before a jury. This trial experience is critical for my clients, as it gives them the best chance of achieving a successful outcome. In addition, before I began fighting for the injured, I defended medical professionals and their insurers in malpractice cases. As a result, I know how insurance companies evaluate malpractice cases. This knowledge is important in developing the strongest possible claim for damages.

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