Louisville Emergency Room Errors

Louisville Emergency Room Errors

An emergency room is a blur of activity, with nurses, doctors and other professionals acting quickly to care for patients. In this environment, any mistake can have serious, and even fatal consequences. Every ER doctor and nurse owes a duty of care to his or her patients. When these professionals fail to live up to this duty of care, any person injured by this negligence has the right to bring a claim for malpractice.

The lawyer you choose to bring your malpractice case can make a significant difference in how your case is resolved. My name is Kirsten R. Daniel. From my office in Louisville, I help people throughout Kentucky and Indiana who have been injured due to medical negligence.

Serving People Who Have Sustained Severe Harm In An Emergency Room

Emergency room errors can involve all types of issues. Perhaps the biggest problem in hospital emergency rooms is failing to diagnose or misdiagnosing serious injuries or illnesses. For instance, when a doctor misdiagnoses a heart attack as indigestion and sends a patient home, it can have catastrophic effects.

Another error in emergency rooms is the failure to triage. In an emergency room, individuals with the most critical needs should receive medical attention first. When people with life-threatening injuries or illnesses are forced to wait while people with less serious conditions are being treated, it can lead to severe problems.

I fully investigate every case in order to determine exactly what happened and how these acts of malpractice occurred. Medical malpractice cases are very dependent on experts in order to prove each part of the case. I regularly work with recognized experts in a variety of fields, and know how to compile the evidence to show exactly what happened. Further, because of how much is at stake, medical malpractice cases are more likely than other types of injury cases to go to trial. I am a trial attorney who is very comfortable advocating for my clients before a jury.

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