Kentucky Child Care Center Abuse Attorney

Kentucky Child Care Center Abuse

One of the most emotional days for young parents is the first day they have to leave their child in the hands of a child care center.  Feelings of anxiety, nervousness and even a few tears are all too common.  However, we convince ourselves that it’s a nice facility.  The child care staff is well-trained.  After all, there are other seemingly happy children there.  But those attempts to convince ourselves and to cope with the transition can be destroyed, if you learn your child is the victim of child care center abuse.

In Kentucky, child care centers, day care centers, home care centers and various other arrangements are governed by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Division of Regulated Child Care.  There is an extensive process to become a Kentucky licensed child care provider.  All regulated providers must have a license or certificate to operate.  This involves:

  • A thorough application process
  • Periodic audits/inspections by the state
  • Continuing education requirements for all management and employees

Classifications of Regulated Child Care in Kentucky

  1. Type I License – involves 4-13 or more children and is not part of primary residence
  2. Type II License – involves 7 to a maximum of 12 children in a primary residence
  3. Certified Family Child Care Home – involves caring for a maximum of 6 non-related children, or 4 related children, in addition to 6 non-related children. This care cannot exceed 10 hours at a time.

Our firm has had the unfortunate responsibility for pursuing law suits against Kentucky child care centers.  It’s “unfortunate” because those innocent children should be protected and cared for each time they enter the facility.

The guidelines for Kentucky child care are there to ensure that proper care and feeding takes place.  The facility must also meet sanitary and safety conditions, or risk losing its license to operate.

Common Types of Child Care Center Abuse

Child Care Center Abuse is Traumatic

Some of the more common issues arise when the management focuses on profits, instead of the children they are hired to watch.  It’s not uncommon to find situations involving:

  • A higher number of children that the license or certificate permits
  • Environmental violations
  • Employees without proper background checks
  • General neglect
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Injuries during transportation to and from the facility (or violations of specific, related transportation guidelines)

We have successfully litigated cases involving child care center abuse.  Kirsten Daniel is a working mother of 5 children.  She fully understands the trust placed in owners, operators and staff members.

When faced with an instance of children being injured at day care, or worse, know that there’s no one you’d rather have on your side than another “Momma Bear.”

The simple fact is when a child is hurt at a Kentucky child care center, it probably isn’t the only child who has been placed at risk.  The willful inattention and neglect is unacceptable.  These facilities have gone through rigorous training and preparation before the doors could be opened.  By violating those guidelines and policies, these employees and management have made a decision to place your child at risk.  They just don’t believe they’ll get caught.

Hold Kentucky Child Care Centers Accountable

We should expect more from the facilities we entrust with the care of our children.  If your child has been injured at a child care center, seek medical attention immediately.  The next step is to report the center to the proper authorities.  Finally, you may decide to seek legal representation.  Doing so may protect other children from the negligence and injuries your child has suffered.

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