3 JCPS Buses Involved in a Crash

JCPS Buses Are Driving Dangerously
November 20, 2017
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March 7, 2018
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3 JCPS Buses Involved in a Crash

JCPS Buses involved in a crash

The audio related to a December 7th story concerning the 3 JCPS Buses Involved in a Crash was released today.  The phone call was made by one of the bus drivers involved in the accident.  The accident sent 41 students to the hospital.  Luckily, there were only minor injuries.

According to a previous story, 2 buses were stopped when a 3rd bus ran into them.  The driver claimed he couldn’t stop in time.

We’ve written about multiple incidents involving JCPS buses and the multiple violations including excessive speeding.  We have to ask, “What was going on that would have distracted a bus driver from being able to stop before crashing into 2 other buses?

Several factors could be at play:

  • Was the bus driver speeding at the time?
  • Was the bus driver distracted?
  • Could he have been texting or talking on the phone will in operating the bus?
  • Did the bus driver follow the proper rules, regulations and protocols?
  • And there are many others.

The fact that 41 students were taken to the hospital suggests the severity of the impact.  They are fortunate to have avoided serious injuries.  As we’ve reminded people before, school buses typically are not equipped with seatbelts.

Had the bus been traveling at a higher rate of speed, these students could have risked whiplash, broken bones, head trauma, brain damage, paralysis and worse.

As an attorney who handles trucking accidents, I’m extremely familiar with the devastation caused by collisions involving large vehicles.  Add in the fact that seatbelts and other safety equipment wasn’t involved and we’re simply subjecting our children to unacceptable risks.

A bus driver should allow enough room between his/her bus and the vehicles in front.  More stopping distance is required based on the overall size of the bus.  Similar to tractor trailer accidents, had a car been involved, the injuries could have been very serious.

As a mother and an attorney, I believe we need to step up pressure on JCPS administrators to re-examine current bus driver training programs and frequencies.  Periodic reviews of driver records should be done.  More importantly, we should hold those who violate the rules accountable.  They are placing our children at risk.

Link to news story on the recently release audio:  http://www.wave3.com/story/37257805/audio-released-from-jcps-school-bush-crash

Link to original new story about the 3 JCPS buses involved in a crash:  http://www.wave3.com/story/37015034/41-students-injured-in-crash-involving-3-jcps-buses

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