Valsartan May Cause Cancer

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April 20, 2018
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Valsartan May Cause Cancer

The cardiac drug Valsartan may cause cancer.  The US Food and Drug Administration issued a recall last week.  If you have a prescription, you should contact your doctor, immediately.  When a patient takes medication, an abrupt stopping or reduction in the dosage, could have serious medical consequences.  It’s best to seek the advice of your doctor so a new prescription can be issued.

FDA Recall Valsartan may cause cancer

There are several drugs on the US market which contain Valsartan.  These include:

  • Valsartan/Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTX)
  • Valsartan/HCT
  • Valsartan API
  • Other medications may include valsartan, but may not be included in the recall

The issue appears to be an impurity known as N-nitroso-dimethylamine (NDMA).  It belongs to a known carcinogenic group of chemicals.  Interestingly, this chemical can also be produced as a chemical reaction.

There have been numerous drug recalls over the years.  Some are due to problems (e.g. including sickness and/or death) occurring as a result of usage.  Others happen when it’s determined that the drug may have been contaminated during the production or post-production process.

The FDA also recommends that you contact the pharmacist who dispensed your medication.  Your pharmacist may also be able to help you to determine if your specific prescription is part of the recall.

Drug recalls should not be taken lightly.  In this case, again, Valsartan may cause cancer.  As a Kentucky medical malpractice attorney, I have years of experience dealing with medical issues and healthcare-related issues.  The consequences of prescription-related injuries can be extremely severe.  While some of the injuries can result in quickly recognized issues, others can have devastating impacts over time.  This might include kidney or liver failure, damage to the heart, etc.

While I’m providing this information as a public service, if you or a family member has encountered adverse health effects, due to a valsartan prescription, you can contact our office.  We’ll help you determine your options.  But remember, the first step should be for you to contact your doctor or pharmacist.  No lawsuit can ever replace the lasting effects of diminished health and related damage to your normal way of life.


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