Louisville Nursing Home Negligence

April 22, 2016
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Louisville Nursing Home Negligence

Louisville Nursing Home Negligence

When the most vulnerable in our community are injured by the very people and institutions we trust to protect them, they deserve skilled, determined, knowledgeable and aggressive advocates working on their behalf.  Our firm has attorneys who have devoted the majority of their practice to prosecuting nursing home negligence and medical malpractice.


Beginning with prenatal care, to a baby’s precious first breath, and through pediatric care, our firm is committed to holding physicians and hospitals accountable when they injure or even kill a baby or child through carelessness, inadvertence, or inattention.  Our firm only takes those cases which are most egregious, and we believe it is our job to protect the babies and children in our community who have been wronged.

When babies and children are killed by professional neglect, our firm will help the family find accountability and answers.  When babies and children are grievously injured, our firm is committed to obtaining the resources from the responsible people and institutions to help that child overcome as much as possible the injuries and disabilities the child has been forced to endure.  Our attorneys have years of experience in this field, and have the resources and medical knowledge required of these complex cases.


When your partner experiences nausea, chest pain, and shortness of breath, you rush your partner to the local emergency room and place your loved one in the care of the physician and hospital.  There is no choice but to trust that the physician and hospital will do their job and take care of your loved one.  Perhaps your loved one is discharged, with little or no testing, and told it was just acid reflux and anxiety.  In the parking lot, your loved one suffers a fatal heart attack.

This is just one example of real cases that unfortunately occur all too often when physicians and hospitals fail to pay appropriate attention, and fail to do their job. 

Our firm is dedicated to doing all we can to find justice for these families.  With each case, we try to send a message to the physicians and hospitals that they must do their job, and we try to prevent this carelessness from continuing to devastate more families in our community.


At some point, many of us will face the tough decision to place our parent in a nursing home.  We understand what a difficult decision this is, and how much trust you must place in a nursing home to care for your parent.  When a nursing home abuses that trust by neglecting our loved ones, the results are devastating.  The defense tactics used by nursing homes in these cases is even more disturbing and egregious.  They excuse their conduct and neglect by saying our loved one’s life was not really worth much. They claim he/she wouldn’t have lived much longer anyway, among other equally offensive schemes.

Our firm believes that each day is precious, and that the last breath in life is as important as the first.  We believe our parents and elders have an absolute right to be treated with dignity and respect, and a life is valuable no matter the age. 

There is no excuse for a nursing home not to bother to give an elderly or disabled person basic necessities such as water, nutrition, and basic care.  There is no excuse for a nursing home to allow our loved one to lie in their own urine and feces until their skin breaks down and they develop skin ulcers and infections.  There is no excuse for a nursing home to short staff, and put profits over the people entrusted in their care.

Our firm is passionate about bringing the message to these nursing home corporations that our community will not accept this type of neglect and abuse, and that our community will hold these nursing home corporations absolutely accountable, and that our community values the comfort, dignity and lives of our parents and elders.

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