KY Child Care Center Abuse

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KY Child Care Center Abuse

Kentucky child care center abuse crying young girl

Kentucky has a detailed licensure process for any company offering child care services.  The Kentucky Standards of Practice Child-Care Center Licensure guide outlines various rules and regulations.  An important section of this guide deals with Kentucky child care center abuse.

The operation of day care facilities and various types of home-care fall under the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.  The Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) uses a network of contract officials to deliver services, such as child care.

In an effort to prevent abuse and neglect in Kentucky child care centers, licensed facilities are required to have a policy to report allegations.  The staff must be trained about the various laws related to child abuse and neglect.

The regulations suggest that the procedures/policies could include:

  • A written orientation policy.
  • Ongoing training to help staff to understand the signs of abuse/neglect.
  • Posted phone numbers of various agencies to be contacted.
  • Documentation documenting the various training provided.

It’s a requirement of all licensed child care centers that staff members should report suspected incidents to DCBS and/or law enforcement.  If it’s an emergency, staff should immediately call 911.  For non-emergency situations, once DCBS has been contacted, the individual is also advised to contact a Division of Regulated Child Care office.

Centers are prohibited from requiring staff to notify management before reporting an incident.

While there are various types of child care providers, all licensed facilities have specific rules, regulations and other safeguards in place.  Still, these incidents of child care center abuse occur and are completely unacceptable.  As parents and guardians, we should hold our centers to an extremely high level of accountability.  Children, like our elderly, are among the most vulnerable members of society.

Reporting Child Care Center Abuse

Children who suffer at the hands of day care center staff members are often unable to explain what has happened to them.  This is especially true of infants and toddlers.  If you suspect your child has been abused at a child care center, trust your gut instinct.  Contact authorities and report your concerns.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to take photographs of bruises, scrapes, cuts or other irritations.  These are important pieces of evidence to support your allegations.  Unfortunately, these injuries can often heal without being properly documented.

You have a right to expect that your children will have a safe environment in which to play, learn and thrive.  Still, there are incidents reported on a regular basis throughout Kentucky.

Our firm has a successful record of holding the child care centers, directors and staff members accountable for their actions.  Policies and procedures are in place to provide all of us with a level of confidence and assurance.  Those same policies outline strict responsibilities that must be enforced to protect our children.  When violations occur, we are ready to review the facts to determine if legal action is warranted.

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