Dawne Gee Case Against Baptist Health Settled

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Dawne Gee Case Against Baptist Health Settled

Dawne GeeWe are proud to announce the Dawne Gee case against Baptist Health settled, this week.  The incident originally occurred in 2014, leading to a law suit in 2015.  We were able to reach a settlement for an undisclosed amount.

The work required in a medical malpractice case is substantial.  The gathering of evidence, the depositions, the filings all required intense preparation and scrutiny.  While the wheels of justice always seem to move slowly, they do eventually reach the end of the journey.

This week was another example of how we stick with our clients, even if it takes years.

Many of the cases we take will require litigation against large companies and their team of defense attorneys.  Given the liability involved, many of these companies try to prolong the litigation.  They do this, in part, as a way of putting pressure on the other side’s attorney.  Most personal injury cases are contingency-fee cases.  This means clients typically don’t pay their attorneys, until the case is finished.

For many attorneys, the risk of this ongoing litigation can prove too costly.  Many actually avoid these complex cases for that very reason.  At other times, the firm may try to find another injury firm who can share some of the upfront cost.

As a Kentucky trial attorney, Kirsten Daniel is used to taking on complicated cases.  We handle Day Care Center abuse and neglect cases, Semi-Truck lawsuits, and many others.  We handle cases in both Kentucky and Indiana.

We’ve been honored to represent Dawne.  She’s a shining star among our Louisville media.  We know how intimidating lawsuits can be, especially when they involved large companies.  We’re grateful that Dawne trusted this firm to pursue justice on her behalf.

If you’d like to read more about the case, here’s a link to a recent report by the Courier-Journal:  http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/crime/2017/06/14/dawne-gee-settles-malpractice-suit-against-baptist-health/397568001/


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